Thursday, June 3, 2010


As I ready myself for the Avon Walk this weekend by taking off one talisman (my grandmother's ring made into a necklace) and putting on another (my Avon Walk necklace with a pink ribbon, pink flip flop and sneaker as charms), I have been thinking how very blessed I am. Here are some of the reasons...
  • When we found out my mother had Stage IV cancer in September, I don't think any of us thought she would be doing as well as she is 9 months in.
  • Dad loves the fact that he loses custody of his car to me every weekend that I'm out.
  • I have THE most supportive family and friends that anyone could ever hope for.
  • I was able to read a book with and help T3 with his homework this weekend - which was a true joy. That boy is super smart.
  • My godson knows that when he sees anyone in the military he should thank them for their service and he asked me to go with him. The smiles that he put on their faces on Saturday lit his face up.
  • I spent an amazing day at the beach with most of my family which included the Blue Angels, but more importantly chatting, snacking and hunting for hermit crabs with the boys.
  • Two changes that started last fall could have had had disastrous effects but turned out amazing.
  • Thanks to our amazing supporters, Team No De-Feet walks for the 9th year. Without our donors, we would not have been able to raise $60,000 over these last years.

This weekend will be full of laughter and tears - an amazing journey undertaken by thousands of women and men who walk because we can. Pray for no rain, no blisters and strong legs. Our hearts, as always, will be full and I will be thinking of all of my blessings.


  1. It sounds like you have a fantastic family.

    I hope the walk goes well.

  2. Tis true, I do! The walk was fantastic (even with the rain), thanks!

  3. Sounds like such a great experience. Love your attitude and your love for your family.

    And I wanted to reply via email to one of your comments but your email is not linked to your blogger profile. If you link it (go to profile and click the button to "display" your email) then everyone you leave comments for can also email you back. :)

  4. Thanks, JennyMac! Fixed the email thing.