Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pac Man, Kodiak's and Miracle Manicures

Thank you, Google. As anyone who's read my blog knows, I use Pac Man as my visualization for eating Mom's cancer up. Google celebrated Pac Man's 30th anniversary by having a playable Pac Man on their search page from Friday until Sunday. Love it. I'm thinking that all those games of Pac Man played were eating up more of Mom's cancer. I'll take just about anything as a good sign in the war against EC.

The Docs decided to stick with just using Irinotecan for now. I don't have any idea what that means but I can tell you that for some reason I felt upset when I heard this. Who knows what was working so well on mom's cancer...for whatever reason, we all thought it was the Cisplatin but it could have just as easily been the Irinotecan. We'll find out at the next set of CTs/MRIs (some time the week of June 14) if the Irinotecan alone is as effective. So, say your prayers, send your well wishes and imagine Pac Man eating up the cancer!

Baby Bro's brand new restaurant, Kodiak's, opened on Sunday. Place looks great and the food is totally awesome. As are the drinks. I think it's going to be a huge hit and I am so proud of all that he's done there. It's really quite amazing.

Mom discovered the miracle manicure at her nail salon a few months ago. I pooh poohed her for a month or so. I refuse to get manicures because they last about two days. I don't have that kind of time for maintenance! Mom kept insisting that this manicure lasted for three weeks - I kept saying that she had a life of leisure now and THAT was the reason why the manicure was lasting for so long. She finally convinced me to try it, which I did last month when we went for mother/daughter mani/pedis. And, she's totally right. It does last. I just went for my third one with Mom and SIL this past Saturday. I have been going every two weeks because you can see growth at the bottom of the nail after that. But, seriously? No chips and even better - no broken nails. So, if your nail salon offers a gel manicure, get thee one. You will be amazed. There aren't as many colors, but I can live with that. And, it's a little more than a regular manicure, but worth it.

Last thing, Team No De-Feet walks the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago June 5th and 6th. This member is wholly unprepared but will walk for as long as I can. So, think about us next weekend when you're at the pool or beach or whatever your doing and pray for no blisters, no rain, and strong legs. Our hearts will be full.

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