Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whole Brain Radiation last post was about the results we got from the last MRI Mom had. Before the appointment with the radiation oncologist, Mom was almost certain that she didn't want whole brain radiation.

Well...after her meeting with the Doc, she changed her mind. I was a little worried that the Doc pressured her into having it. But she says no. That while she did go into the appointment thinking that she absolutely did not want whole brain radiation, she agreed that she would listen to the Doc. I think part of the reason that she decided to get it is that she trusts and likes this Dr. She was able to allay many of Mom's fears about her quality of life after the radiation. Biggest side effects will be short term memory loss - permanent in all likelihood - and hair loss. Also, let's throw in some more nausea.

Mom had her final two chemo sessions in the last two weeks and got fitted for her head mask last Wednesday. She starts radiation tomorrow. She'll have 10 treatments and then be off chemo for another two (or so) weeks after that. No chemo until December 6, at the earliest. So, while we treat the brain, that pesky met in the liver will have some time to grow.

I wish I had some of my Mom's strength and grace. She's the one who's sick but I'm the one who's pissed. And, scared.

I'm asking for your continued prayers for Mom. That she handles the radiation well. That it does what it's supposed to do and gets rid of the recurrence in her brain. That the damn liver tumor doesn't grow while she can't have chemo. That the side effects of the radiation aren't debilitating. That her daughter is able to hide her fear and anger.

Thanks to all of you, I couldn't have made it through this last year without you. Heart thingy.

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