Monday, March 1, 2010

One Good Thing…

Did you ever notice how one good thing can change your whole outlook? Or, if not your entire outlook, can just make you a little happier?

As you know, I've been a bit down in the dumps lately. Had kind of a crappy weekend. I came in to work today so tired because while I slept okay last night, I barely slept at all from Saturday into Sunday. (Those paying attention would have noticed that my first blog was posted BEFORE 6 am. This was after I had to set it up and write it. I got maybe an hour of sleep.)

Anyway...I came in this morning dreading the day a little bit. (In general, I love my job and enjoy coming in.) I had a meeting scheduled for 10 with one of my smartest clients. As I recently told a friend, I much prefer my dumb clients. ;) Seriously, I get much more stressed before the smart ones. Mostly I want to make sure I don't say anything stupid...I am assured that this hasn't happened yet. But, hey, you never know. One day I could just declare (with 100% certainty) that the yield curve is among the flattest it has been in history when I meant to say that it's among the steepest. You get the idea. So...after a crappy weekend, I come in being stressed about a challenging meeting that is going to happen. Mornings being what they are around here, I don't get as much time to review before the meeting as I would have liked. went great. Really great. There was a lot of interesting discussion; I had a few smart points to make AND they gave us more money to manage. (That's always a good sign.) Walked out of there with a bounce in my step.

So, this is my goal. To think of and remember and really feel one good thing a day.

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