Saturday, March 13, 2010


My mom's best friend is dying. They met on their honeymoons when my Dad and Uncle discovered that they both lived on LI on the check-in line. They have been friends ever since. My Aunt had each of her babies about a year after my mom had each of hers. I always thought it was funny that they had the same kind in the same order - boy, girl, boy.

I remember summers spent at their house, in and out of the pool, running around as kids are wont to do. They moved to CT when we were teenagers and we didn't see them as much. By then, however, they were family. The kids are our "cousins" and my Aunt and Uncle will always be my Aunt and Uncle.

My Aunt has 2 kinds of leukemia and she's fought valiantly for almost two years but she's nearing the end. They have done everything they can and now there's nothing left to do. She has had so much tragedy in her life - lost a husband and her two sons. So, here are my hopes and wishes for my Aunt and my cousin and my mom.

  • I hope that my Aunt is able to say good bye to everyone she loves - and that her friend from FL makes it in time.
  • I hope that she is no longer in pain and goes in peace.
  • I hope that my cousin is able to find comfort in the arms of her boyfriend and all those who love her.
  • I hope that my mom does not link my Aunt's journey to her own.
  • I hope that hospice finds a bed soon to take some of the burden off of my cousin.
  • I hope that my cousin is able to ask for what she needs from all of us - I know how difficult that can be.

And my wishes to all of you, remember to tell those you love that you love them today. And try to every day.

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