Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Mom goes for her follow-up CT and MRIs tomorrow. It'll be interesting because this was the course where she developed her allergy to cisplatin. So, rather than 4 doses of irinotecan and 4 of cisplatin she was only able to get a bit over 3 of the cisplatin.

She's also worried because she's had a headache for the past week. Every headache she gets brings the fear of recurrence in her brain. She doesn't think it's the same type of headache she had with the tumors...and the weather has been insane over the past week. So, it's probably nothing. Most likely sinus-related..

But...there's always that but. I can't speak for my entire family; but, I think we all live with this undercurrent of fear. Last fall was hell - first we find out she has cancer and she immediately has to have brain surgery. Then because of a lot of reasons we "waste" an additional 2 months getting the correct diagnosis. And the only thing we wanted was for her to start getting treatment.
But since then? We have been so lucky - side effects are dealable (says the person who doesn't have to deal with them) and her response to the chemo has been nothing short of stupendous. Nothing but good news since Jan 4.

The fear still remains though. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the bad news to start coming. Please don't let it start tomorrow. So, say a little prayer or send your good wishes out in to the universe that tomorrow's tests bring good news on Monday.


  1. I am thinking of you and your mom and always thinking there will be a miracle. Keep positive.

  2. Love you! Kisses and hugs
    Suzie Q